Cryptlex gives you more for less.

We let you manage licenses, features, releases, and customer identities all in one place. Our comprehensive solution is easy to use, and backed by dedicated support.

License Management

Cryptlex Licensing API allows you to protect your software applications from unlicensed usage. Our powerful software licensing API allows you to implement any software licensing model(external link)of your choice. With Cryptlex Licensing API, you get the flexibility of choosing how you want to license your software.

License Policies

License policies act as blueprints for the licenses you create for your customers. License policies make your workflow efficient and reduce redundant work.

Licensing Models

At Cryptlex, we offer diverse licensing models for your needs. Node-locked licenses, floating licenses, perpetual licenses, metered licenses, are a few of the many models we provide. To know more about the licensing models and their features, head to our documentation(external link).


LexActivator is the Cryptlex licensing library which makes it simple to add licensing to your app. Using LexActivator you can easily implement node-locked online and offline license activations, hosted floating licenses, verified and unverified trials in your software application.

  • C++ Programming Language
  • Flutter
  • Go Programming Language
  • Java Programming Language
  • .NET
  • NodeJS Runtime for Javascript
  • Python Programming Language
  • Ruby Programming Language
Learn more about the LexActivator SDKs(external link)

Fingerprint Matching Strategies

For the devices you want to licence, you can choose between a exact, fuzzy, or loose fingerprinting strategies. We also provide you the option of providing your own custom device fingerprints.

Timed Trials

Easily implement verified timed trials which do not reset even if your customers format their devices.

Time Tamper Protection

We prevent time tampering by using time commits and by continuously syncing the time with our servers.

Advanced Encryption

LexActivator encrypts all the licensing and user data stored on disk using AES encryption, ensuring data confidentiality. Verification is done using a 2048-bit RSA public key. This ensures the integrity of the licensing data.

Offline Activations

Easily implement offline license activations and deactivations, required for environments which don't have network connectivity.

VM and Container Detection

Does virtual machine and container detection so you can allow or disallow license activations in virtual machines and containers.

Piracy Protection

Time-tamper protection, advanced encryption, and constant polling ensure advanced piracy protection.


LexFloatServer is a floating license server available to you on-premise. Our server application helps you implement on-premise floating licensing, regardless of whether your customers’ devices are connected to the internet or not.

Robust Licensing Server

High performance, robust server with a small memory footprint, handles floating license requests.

Simple Client API

LexFloatClient API helps you to easily add floating licensing support to your apps.

Cross Platform

LexFloatServer runs on all major platforms - Windows, macOS and Linux.

Feature Management

Cryptlex Feature Management lets you create features within your products to distinguish between, and manage different flavors of your product. From testing your product to simply managing plans for your product flavors, Cryptlex has you covered.

Feature Flagging

Feature Flags, or Feature Toggles, allow you to control parts of your application like a simple switch. We also support multi-valued flags.

Product Flavors

Easily define SaaS plans or different software versions of your app with different feature sets in one place. You can easily manage your product flavors (example: Pro and Lite) using the dashboard.

A/B Testing

Implementing A/B Tests with feature flags is easy and does not require redeployment of your assets.

Release Management

Cryptlex Release Management protects your software applications from unlicensed distribution. Our release management API allows you to distribute your software applications securely to licensed users.

Unlimited Hosting

Host your software applications on our servers. We don’t charge for bandwidth, even if you distribute a million copies.

Software Updates

Implement auto updates in your application and securely deliver updates to your users.

Identity Management

Cryptlex provides identity management for your customers, which means you can authenticate your customers using email and password, and provide other features like profile management. To know more about identity management, go to the documentation(external link). Manage your users along with your licenses, all in one place.

Fine-grained Access Control

Roles aid in the management of authorisation, allowing you to specify which resources users are permitted to access. You can easily create roles with fine-grained permissions for support teams, developers and other people to allow limited access to the resources.


Users of your Cryptlex account can log in using their existing SAML-enabled identity provider, such as Active Directory, OneLogin, Auth0, or Okta, with single sign-on (SSO). This cuts down on the amount of passwords your users have to remember. It also simplifies the process of adding new users.

Customer Portal

Customers can also manage their own licence keys by logging into the dashboard. For a consistent experience between you and your customer, they can access their license activation keys and edit their profile. Know more about the customer portal in the documentation(external link)