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Easily generate license keys and validate them in your software apps. Additionally, you can offer trials, subscriptions, node-locked licenses, floating licenses and much more.

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Cryptlex offers you true flexibility with software licensing. You get to choose what type of licensing you implement in your software. From node-locked licenses, floating licenses, feature licenses and timed trials, we’ve got you covered.

Focus on your product

Remove all headaches associated with licensing and focus on your product. Cryptlex makes it dead simple for you to implement any licensing model, including perpetual, metered and seat-based models, effectively and efficiently.

Advanced Analytics

Cryptlex gives you extensive tracking and analytics features, which helps you track each and every install of your app. It helps you gain important insights regarding how your customers are using your products and track key metrics.

Cross Platform Licensing

License your applications on all major platforms including Mac, Windows, Linux, Android and iOS.
Cryptlex licensing library works across all programming languages including:

C++ .NET Java Python Node.js


We are constantly adding new languages to the list of languages that we support officially. In case our licensing doesn’t support a specific language that you use, please let us know. We’ll do everything we can to assist you in every way possible.

Let us take care of licensing for you while you focus on building your business!

Secure and Reliable

With Cryptlex, you get to enjoy the best in class, secure, battle-tested and DDoS protected infrastructure, secure online activations and data protection.

Our audit logs allow you to view the details of every user action and audit license usage of your customers. You can also manage software releases to securely distribute your software applications.

Experience the best in secure licensing with Cryptlex!

License Management Dashboard

Cryptlex makes it dead simple for you to track your software installs, manage your licenses, customers, activations, verified trials and software releases. You can manage everything you need from our license management dashboard.

You can also create employee roles with fine-grained permissions, to allow limited access to the resources.

Easily track and manage your products in our license management dashboard.

Advanced Device Fingerprinting

Cryptlex uses advanced device fingerprinting algorithm to prevent software piracy. The fingerprinting algorithm generates multiple unique fingerprints of the device, which allows for different fingerprint matching strategies.

It gives you the control to fine tune the fingerprint accuracy to cater to a large number of use cases and devices.

When you choose Cryptlex, you can rest assured that your product is safe and secure.

Third Party Integrations & Automation

Everything is built API first allowing automation that requires zero manual intervention.

Cryptlex can integrate with thousands of cloud apps including different payment processors, mailing services, CRMs and other cloud apps easily.

Zapier integration allows you to connect Cryptlex with thousands of cloud apps, without writing even a single line of server code.

Additionally, webhooks can be used to create third party custom integrations easily.

With Cryptlex, third-party integrations and automation is a breeze.

Customer Portal

Your users can log into our customer portal to manage licenses by themselves and view and manage their profile details. You can also create custom branded, self-hosted customer portals using our identity management API.

Your customers can also use the portal for offline activations and deactivations. This saves you a considerable amount of time on product support.

Focus on growing your business and save on support costs.

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