Powerful software licensing API built to help you achieve business growth!

Easily generate license keys and validate them in your software apps. Additionally, you can offer trials, subscriptions, node-locked licenses, floating licenses, offline license activations and much more.

Trusted by companies worldwide

Companies that work with Cryptlex: XLStat, CCDC, ProGrade, Saint Gobain, Critical Links.

Cross Platform Licensing

We support all major operating systems, and hardware platforms.

  • Microsoft Windows
  • macOS
  • GNU/Linux
  • ARMv7/ARMv8
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Android
  • iOS

Wide Programming Language Support

Get a headstart on licensing with our language-specific libraries.

  • C++ Programming Language
  • Flutter
  • Go Programming Language
  • Java Programming Language
  • .NET
  • NodeJS Runtime for Javascript
  • Python Programming Language
  • Ruby Programming Language
License your software in a few lines of code.
try {
      int status = LexActivator.ActivateLicense();
      if (status == LexStatusCodes.LA_OK || status == LexStatusCodes.LA_EXPIRED) {
        // Activation successful
      else {
        // Activation failed
catch (LexActivatorException exception) {
    // Handle error

Secure and Reliable

Experience the best in secure licensing with Cryptlex.

With Cryptlex, you get to enjoy the best in class DDoS protected infrastructure, secure online, and offline activations, and data protection.

Our audit logs allow you to view the details of every user action and audit license usage of your customers. You can also manage software releases to securely distribute your software applications.

Shield Icon

Advanced Device Fingerprinting

Be assured that your product is safe and secure.

Cryptlex uses advanced device fingerprinting algorithm to prevent software piracy. The fingerprinting algorithm generates multiple unique fingerprints of the device, which allows for different fingerprint matching strategies.

Cryptlex gives you the control to fine tune the fingerprint accuracy to cater to a large number of use cases and devices.

Device Fingerprinting

License Management Dashboard

Easily track and manage your licenses.

You can manage everything from licenses to releases from our license management dashboard. Cryptlex makes it simple for you to track your software installs, manage your licenses, customers, activations, verified trials, and software releases.

You can also create employee roles with fine-grained permissions, to allow limited access to the resources.

Cryptlex Dashboard

Customer Portal

Focus on growing your business and save on support costs.

Your users can log into the customer portal to manage licenses by themselves and view and manage their profile details. You can also create custom branded, self-hosted customer portals using our Web API.

Your customers can also use the portal for offline activations and deactivations. This saves you a considerable amount of time on product support.

Cryptlex Customer Portal

Third Party Integrations & Automation

With Cryptlex, third-party integrations and automation is a breeze.

Everything is built API first allowing automation that requires zero manual intervention. Cryptlex can integrate with thousands of cloud apps including different payment processors, mailing services, CRMs, and other cloud apps easily.

Additionally, webhooks can be used to create third party custom integrations easily.

Custom Integrations

Free Migration

Easily migrate from your existing licensing provider.

Cryptlex offers free migration with dedicated support to all the customers. Whether you are migrating from a home-grown licensing solution or any third party licensing solution, our migration service is dedicated to help you on all fronts of the process to help you get started with Cryptlex.

Free Migration to Cryptlex

Cryptlex is a customer-centric company

This is what our clients have to say about us.

Damien Trut

CTO, XLSTAT(external link)

After having spent a lot of time evaluating other solutions, we felt we had to try out Cryptlex! The solution was very easy to integrate into our system and the support team were very prompt and efficient any time we needed assistance. We have now reduced technical difficulties to a very low level and we are focusing on the continual improvement of our business model via the Cryptlex platform. We can now provide our customers with a flexible and customized user experience, giving them the freedom to choose the best product to meet their needs. All of our business and product requirements have been met with this solution and with the implementation we've deployed using Cryptlex.

Steve West

Infrastructure Manager, More4apps

This is the only LaaS product we found that could satisfy our requirements for silent licensing and floating-concurrent seats. Provided a very flexible floating-concurrent model for integration with our C# application. The Rest API is very easy to use, so that end users have "silent licensing", they are unaware of the Cryptlex service operating in the background.

Mitch Barnett

Owner, Accurate Sound

Easy to integrate into my product, operations is seamless and reliable, tech support is top-notch. I looked at over a dozen product/solutions over several months and had all but given up on finding a licensing solution that would meet my requirements. Cryptlex was recommended to me by another company in my industry indicating that have had a good experience using the product, saying it was flexible and rock solid. Cryptlex was able to answer in a timely manner with the right solution. The product works as advertised, easy to implement, easy to manage, rock-solid service, and tech support, all for a reasonable price. After using it, I am glad I chose Cryptlex.

Read more reviews on Capterra.(external link)

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