What is Lexfloatserver?

LexFloat Server is the server software that leases floating (network) license to your app which is installed on some computer in your customer's local network. LexFloat Server is designed to be robust, low memory and very fast.

Floating Licenses

Floating Licenses allow you to use the same license on multiple machines connected to internet or within any private network.

Robust Server

LexFloat Server is a high performance, robust server with a small memory footprint which handles floating license requests.

VM Detection

It detects virtual machines to prevent running of multiple instances of the server.

RSA 2048 Bit

It generates highly secure 2048 Bit keys to encrypt all the communication between the LexFloat server and clients.

Simple Client API

LexFloat client API helps you to easily add float licensing support to your application.

Dual Time Tamper Protection

Time tampering detection on client as well as server to prevent any misuse.

Cross Platform

LexFloat server runs on all major platforms - Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

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