What is Lexactivator?

LexActivator is the library which you include in your app to add node locked licensing. It adds support for online activations, offline activations, verified and unverfied trials to your app. The library is cross platfom and can be used natively on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Online Activations

Node-locked licensing is the best and most secure type of software protection. It gives you complete control over how many times a customer installs your software. It is most effective for preventing casual piracy, thereby increasing software revenue.

Generate Product Keys

Easily generate product keys using Cryptlex Web API or through Dashboard.

Monitor Activations

You can monitor activations of all your product keys. Change the count of allowed activations, deactivate activations.

Revoke Product Keys

You can remotely revoke product keys to prevent users from using them thereby deactivating your product on their machines.

Custom License Fields

Easily customize the whole licensing process as per your specific requirements, allowing you to implement any licensing model.

Offline Activations

You can also activate users who aren't connected to the internet. Offline requests and responses can be generated to activate offline users

Fuzzy Digital Fingerprints

Multiple unique machine fingerprints are generated to identify the user's machine. In case user changes some hardware components, fingerprints will still match

Timed Trials

Give your customers an opportunity to try before they buy your software. Our verified timed trials don't reset even if your customer formats the machine.

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Verified Timed Trials

Verified trial uses online activation. It ensures that trial doesn't reset even if user formats the PC. TEN trial activations consume ONE activation from your plan.

Unverified Timed Trials

Non-verified trial does not require online activation. All the information regarding trial is only stored on the user's PC in an encrypted form.

Generate Trial Extensions

Easily generate trial extensions for your verfied trials to allow potential customers to fully evaluate your product, ensuring you don't lose a sale.

Time Tamper Protection

Time tampering detection to prevent trial reset. If time on user's computer is changed the trial automatically expires.

Monitor Trial Activations

You can monitor all the trial activations of your product, allowing you to track uniques installations of your product.

Unlimited Unverified Trials

You can have unlimited unverified trial activations, which is important for lower plans.

Easy to use Dashboard

Manage all your licensing stuff using our simple and clean dashboard. Easily create product versions, product keys and custom licensing fields. Monitor your product key activations, trial activations and much more...

Software analytics

Software analyticss

Track each installation of your software and generate graphs.

Manage Product Versions

Manage Product Versions

Easily add, edit or delete product versions. Unlimited product versions allowed.

Manage Product Keys

Manage Product Keys

Easily add, edit or delete product keys. Revoke and deactivate keys with a single click.

Manage Trial Activations

Manage Trial Activationss

Easily manage and monitor your verified trial activations. Generate trial extensions with a single click.

Manage Users

Manage Users

Easily add, edit and delete users from your account. Complete control over privileges given to your each user.

Manage Custom Fields

Manage Custom Fields

Easily add, edit and delete custom licensing fields. Unlimited custom fields can be added to a product key.

Cryptlex Web API

The Web API allows you to easily manage your Cryptlex account, integrate Cryptlex into your web applications & automate order processes.

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Simple API

Simple and easy to use web API, to help you get started easily.

Easy Integration

Most of the functionality that you find in our dashboard is available via the Cryptlex web API.

Automate Purchases

You can easily automate the order process of your product using the web API. The API can be used with any payment processor.

Wrapper Classes

Wrapper classes for popular web languages are available to help you with easy integration.

Simple Docs

The API is fully documented, listing the API endpoints, and describing the allowable operations on each.

Easy to consume

The web API returns JSON as well as XML based responses which can be easily consumed by your web or native apps.

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