Trial Extensions

You can easily generate trial extensions for your verfied trials to allow potential customers to fully evaluate your product, ensuring you don't lose a sale

Generating a Trial Extension

Go to the "Trial Activations" page by clicking "Trial Activations" button below the product version on the products page.


On the "Trial Activations" page, click the "Extend Trial" button. You will be presented with a form.


Fill in the trial extension length and click "Generate Extension Key" button. You will be prompted to download the extension key.

Using Trial Extension Key in your App

Now, to extend the trial, you need to use the above generated trial extension key in the ExtendTrial() LexActivator API function. Following is the sample code:

    int status;
    status = ExtendTrial("YOUR TRIAL EXTENSION KEY");
    if(status == LA_OK)
        status =  GetTrialDaysLeft(&days, LA_V_TRIAL);
        if(status == LA_OK){
            printf("Days Left: %d",days);
            printf("Error code: %d",status);
        printf("Error code: %d",status);

Note: Trial extensions are only supported for verified trials.