Product Keys

A product key is the only required piece of information necessary to activate a product. A product key may allow one or more activations.

Adding a Product Key

On the "Products" page, click view under your product version.


On the "Product version" page, click "Add Key" button and fill in all the values in the form presented.


Revoking a Product Key

You can revoke a product key, thereby deactivating the copy of your product installed on the user's machine. To revoke, simply select the product key and click the "Revoke" button.


Editing a Product Key

You can easily edit the information related to any product key. Just click the product key, which will open a dialog containing key details. Click the "Edit" button near the top and you will be presented with a form to update the key details.


Note: All the above actions can be performed using Cryptlex Web API too.