Order Automation

You can easily automate the order process of your product using Cryptlex Web API. The API can be used with any payment processor. You can automate the process using the following method:

Step 1. Configuring Notification API

Each payment processor (like Paypal, Stripe, 2Checkout, etc.) has its own notification API. You can pass any custom server script (php, etc.), which the notification API invokes on successful payment, and passess along other user data. So depending on your payment processor you need to set the path for the same. Lets call the script "notification_script.php". So the sample path would look like:

Step 2. Generate Product Key using Notification Script

When your "notification_script.php" is invoked by your payment processor, you get access to all the payment related data which your payment processor passes after the successful payment. Suppose, you want to store "Email", First Name", "Last Name" and "Order Id" of the customer who bought your product, while generating the new Product Key. Assuming, you have already created the custom license fields for storing the above data, you will use pkey/generate API method or the Web API classes, in the notification script to generate the product key.

Step 3. Email Product Key to your Customer

After the product key is generated, you can send the product key to your customer by writing a simple mail script or by using any third party mailing service like MailChimp, MailGun etc.

Need more help?

In case you need more help for automating your order process we'll be glad to help you. You can either post your questions on our support forum or contact us through email.