How Lexactivator detects Virtual machines

What method do you use to detect VM's. Does it work for all the platforms? Can it detect all the VM's?


  • VM detection algorithm used by Lexactivator can detect almost all the VM's.

    It works for all the platforms.
  • You don't need to worry about that. The detection algo won't mistake a real machine for a VM.
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    Do you guys have a VM list you guys tested with for VM detection algorithm?
    My concern is that if there's any VM which may not be deteteced as VM. If so, activation will be succeeded on VM even if "Allow VM" check box is off.

    Please let me know.
  • What is target OS which you will be targeting?
  • Target OS is Windows.
  • Please let me know the list of supported VMs on Windows.
  • Thanks for the list. How about Amazon AWS?
    Or, it will be got into one of them?
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    AWS uses Xen, so it will get covered for Windows
  • Sounds good, thanks!
  • Just in case, can I also know the list of VM detection support for linux?
    We might install LexFloatServer on linux based machine as well.
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