Deactivate Product Key from the machine which is not activated


In case of user cannot access to the machine which they activated the product key originally, I want to supply a way to deactivate the product key on another machine without contacting to us. This would be useful for disaster recovery. (like the activated machine is dead and cannot be turned on anymore)

If I use Web API, I think I can deactivate it, but it will be dangerous to embed Web API Key to our application which will be installed on a customer's machine.

Is there any solution for this?


  • You can provide a web interface in your website, (a link for the same can be embedded in your app) which can invoke the Cryptlex Web API. You can ask user for the key, email and any other details to validate the user.
  • Ideally, we want to avoid to create such website to reduce our maintenance cost for that purpose.

    How about is there any way to make a web api key with limited accessibility?
    e.g.) the web api key only can do deactivate license.
  • Please let me know if it is making sense and possible: "make a web api key with limited accessibility"
  • Deactivation can be easily misused, if you are not cautious. You need to follow strict rules if you are allowing deactivation through a machine where key was not used or through web api.

    > make a web api key with limited accessibility

    It's not making much sense.

    The solution proposed regarding a web interface is the only feasible solution as of now.
  • I understand your policy considering security.
    We will consider creating web portal then.

    Thanks for your suggestion!
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