DeactivateProduct cannot be done once expiration happened

When the Product Key is expired, DeactivateProduct will fail with LA_EXPIRED.

It is inconvenient, because if DeactivateProduct fails, there's no way to clean up locally saved activation info by LexActivator.
In this case, how can I clean up activation info saved locally?


  • We are allowing product deactivation in case key is expired, in the next release.

    But in case the key is revoked DeactivateProduct will continue to fail. On being revoked, the clean up occurs automatically.
  • Thanks a lot!

    When would be the ETA?
  • Please check the latest v2.5.1. It's already added in the latest release. You can check the release mail.
  • Oh, you guys are quick! Thanks a lot.
    Btw, somehow I'm not receiving release email, that looks like send to the old email address when we subscribed to Cryptlex. Since then, I changed an email address but I haven't received anything.
    How can I subscribe to the release email?
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